Thursday, June 5, 2008

The biggest, most dangerous newbie mistakes

There are lots of newbie bike commuters out there; maybe you're one of them. If so, please read this list and please amend your ways if you are violating any of these laws or guidelines.


Riding against traffic

Running stoplights and signs in the presence of other vehicles (you're relying on them stopping for you to continue living)

Riding at dawn / dusk / dark with no front light and no rear reflector

Sudden left turn from right side of road

Continuing straight through the intersection from the right side of a right-turn-only lane

Riding in the median of a roadway, between the two opposing directions of traffic

Curb-hugging. No, ride in the right tire track, or in the center if there is no shoulder or bike lane

Sidewalk riding where the sidewalk is frequently cross-cut by driveways, side-streets, or it has many pedestrians

No hand-signals

No looking back before you make a move

No helmet

No eyeglasses / sunglasses, sunscreen, water

No personal ID on you


Use a rear-view mirror

Wear a reflective vest and areflective ankle bands in low-light conditions. Wear bright clothing at all times.

Use a red rear light and a red rear reflective in low-light conditions

Carry a cell phone


Jeff Stevenson said...

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Anonymous said...

I have one problem with your "do nots"

Riding in the median, generally a no-no. However, there is one road which I ride the median, it is at least 3 lanes wide, it is grass, I only ride it when the snow is 2 inches or more deep. ( I know, not likely where you are ) Otherwise, good advice.

Sirrus Rider said...


Enough already! You posted this more than once verbatim. At least share some creativity and original thought if your repost something.