Monday, December 8, 2008

Great deal on a commuter tire

I bought a Performance Bike house brand "Gotham" city tire today, in 26 x 1.85, for my son's bike, looks like it will be a tough city tire, and I think I paid $14 for it. That's in stark contrast to what they want for premium city bike tires these days, like the Armadillos, which are more than double that price.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a good tire. We've used the Forte slicks and had good luck. This is a much better price than the Scwhalbes that I would consider buying.

Bob said...

I use the Armadillos on my commuter bike and yes they are expensive, but I love the reliability. Over 3000 miles and no flats. Other tires whcih claim to be "puncture resistant" but have never lived up to the claim... until I bought the Armadillos.

Best money I ever spent on tires.

Noah said...

On Hybridzilla, I'd also been using the ($7!!!) Forte Slick City ST. I don't know how many thousand miles I got out of the first set. The second set got stolen with the bike shortly after I installed them. For an inexpensive hybrid tread tire though, that's a pretty good deal, even if they don't last too long.

The Bontrager Hard Case tires I run on The Twelve have only been punctured once, and that beast of a nail would have hurt ANY tire. I didn't have to put a boot in it, either. Just slapped a Park Tool Glueless patch on and took off. That's a $40 retail tire, though. It's also a 25c road tire, good for summer commuting, but squirrely in the slushy bad weather season.