Sunday, March 22, 2009

Traffic Skills 101 coming up soon!

The Traffic Skills 101 course is only taught a few times per year. This is the course that teaches you how to mix it up safely with cars on everyday roads, not on the law-enforcement-controlled pay-ride routes.This is the one that you really need to have if you want to be a bicycle commuter, for example. Even if you are an experienced cyclist, you are guaranteed to learn something in this class which will make your investment worthwhile... and maybe save you from getting hurt! $60 is pretty cheap as opposed to hitting the pavement, or a car.



Traffic Skills 101 (formerly Road I) / Willowbrook area

Date: Sat May 16 10 am and Sun May 17 8 am
Instructor: Peter Wang
Location: REI Willowbrook, 17717A Tomball Parkway, Houston, TX 77064
Fee: $60 class fee (waived if hardship; family discount)

Description: Do you want to learn to cycle confidently and safely in the Houston area? Then this class is a must! Learn to communicate effectively with motorists and enjoy the ride. We'll discuss proper lane positioning, basic rules of the road, how to avoid obstacles, scanning, changing a tire, emergency turns, emergency stops, basic maintenance, and much, much more! Saturday will be all lecture (no bicycle needed) and Sunday will include parking lot drills and a group ride.

To register for this course, contact:

David Sims
Phone: (832) 237-8833 x206
Contact Email:
Signup required in advance? Yes
Special signup instructions: Please call the REI store to sign up for this class. $60 class fee

Equipment required: SAT: paper, pen, lunch or $ SUN: pen, bike, helmet, water, lunch or $

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