Monday, March 26, 2007

Our Commuting Program has been delayed

I've been ailing for the past week and I finally got around to going to the doctor. The verdict? A mild case of Pneumonia appearently I really overstressed my body the week before with my roadbike training. So I'm down for the count untill at least Wednesday and probably off the bike for another week. I'm hoping to ramp up on commuting next week although I'm going to miss roadbike training as I have been doing.


Noah said...

It's easy to over-stress yourself when hitting the bike fir the first time after taking a few months off. I don't know if you were a cyclist before you started, or how long you've been commuting, but I know I'm starting to see the two- and three-season bike commuters coming out over the last few weeks.

You have to start out gently, regardless of if it's been a month or 10 years since you last rode the bike. Heck, being out of the saddle for 9 days had me pretty messed up until I got back into the groove.

A Midnight Rider said...

Take it slow. It's a long season.