Friday, April 13, 2007

Biding Time

Discovered yesterday while driving that part of my homecoming route is currently impassible due to deconstruction for storm sewer installation. The section is on Memorial Drive just west of Chimney rock and east of Khulman. At this point Memorial Drive is reduced to one lane east and one lane west which at rush hour under normal circumstances is already risky; however, add loose soil, construction equipment, and illiterate Mexican construction workers milling around could be a recipe for falling in front of a car. Unfortunately this is the only and best route for going home any other direction would add several more miles to the commute.

In the mean time, I'm continuing to road bike train which I must confess I enjoy tremendously for it means instead of only getting 1 to 2 hours of sleep and waking up at 4am I can sleep in to almost 7am and get between 4 and 6 hours. Plus, I enjoy being able to ride with other people which I don't get to do when commuting. Also, dare-I-say-it? I enjoy the women cyclists also there in the park. At least two are part of the University of Houston team and one is a 5'9" leggy blonde . I know I don't have a chinaman chance of garnering more than a "hello" from this lady, but "Oh MY GOD!" does she fill out those red and black Cycling shorts and my heart pounds, the blood rushes in my ears when she laps me.. Not a few of those women got it going on and make cyling shorts downright sexy..


A Midnight Rider said...

Those shorts really were made for women weren't they.

Biking is always fun, provided you have had enough sleep.

Noah said...

What is this sleep thing you speak of?

Noah said...

Never mind. I looked it up on Wikipedia. It seems to resemble caffeine.