Friday, October 17, 2008

The Friday 10/17 Report

Unfortunately, I did no long distance cyclecommuting this week. Houston has been getting the very beginnings of winter weather where it rains in some fashion in the morning and to top it off I have yet to accumulate good wet weather gear. The few times I have commuted in the rain it was a happy occasion during, but I didn't enjoy the extra maintainence afterward and the wear on my Brooks either.

This morning I had the intention of commuting, but I only fell asleep somewhere around 3am so I only got around an hour of sleep. I woke with the 4am alarm but I laid there thinking "15 minutes more" and that 15 grew to an hour and a half which made it far too late. If I'm not on the road by 5am and through Memorial Park by 6am life gets just a little too exciting. So I copped out and drove. I did see a lot of cycling activity including someone on a Rivendell as I drove down Elgin and passed the Yokum intersection. I was inclined to believe it was Dennis/D2Create from bike forums as there aren't very many Rivendells around; however, if it was him he was along way from his work but it could be as he was pointed in the right general diriection to head back towards W. Dallas. When I got to work I had to sponge up the drool as I do catorgorize Rivnedells as the ultimate in bike candy. I just have never seen any in my size and if I did I would have to declare bankrupcy to afford one.

I saw at least 4 small Vespa type scooters on my way as well. Although my focus here is on cycle commuting I believe small displacment motorized two wheeled cycle devices like Vespas and mopeds are an indicator of the evolution of Houston into a more bi/motor-cycle aware and friendly city. The more you see means there are that many less cars on the road at that momment.


chococat78 said...

Your blog gives me hope that bike commuting will catch on not only in Houston, but in the surrounding suburbs as well (i.e. Pearland, Sugarland, Friendswood, Pasadena, Webster, etc). The suburbs still have a LONG WAY to go :)

Sirrus Rider said...

Why thank you! Between Dennis and myself Spring Branch is well represented. I know there are more out there, but just do it without any outside resources like the internet or blogs specifically.