Friday, October 3, 2008

The Friday 10/3 Report.

Things are much improved since Monday and Wednesday. The lights in Memorial Park (both street and traffic) are now working. There are still dark sections within Spring Branch. On Westview three blocks west of Bunker Hill are still dark as is the section between Campbell and Bingle. Also, Antione from Westview to I-10 is patchy with sections of two or three street lights are still out. The net effect is a DARK street.

I also discovered on the run in much to my chagirn tham my saddle had come loose so it was very subtly shimmying fore and aft. I'm guessing it was a combination of the rough morning ride Wednesday up San Felipe saddled (no pun intended) with multiple mounts and dismounts for traffic which vibrated the front bolt loose.

On the run in I bumped into two female Cyclecommuters. I got a chance to talk to one and found out she's been commuting by bike for ten years. I felt like a lightweight. The second one crossed my path headed south so no communication was possible. I was just able to make out that the bike was Celeste Green had lights, Celeste colored fenders and had panniers A Bianchi Milano Perhaps? From a distance it sure looked like one.

I made it to work without further incident; however, before I come home I'm going to have to find an Allen wrench to tighten up my saddle. I manged to leave my "Y" Wrench at home so I'm going to have to go make friends with Campus Maintenance or stop by The Third Ward Bike Shop on my way out.

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