Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Thursday 10/30 ride or How to Piss off a redneck without even trying

Today's morning ride was rather cold. When I woke up this morning weather underground told me that within a mile of my house it was 56°; however, because I am so close to my goal for the year I toughed it out and I rode. Even though I again blew out an inner tube on my front wheel which put me 15 minutes behind. Luckily it was not too much colder and within 3 miles is actually just right comfort wise; however, once I got to the office I determine that the cold weather didn't enhance my performance much as I averaged 11.8 mph for the morning leg.

The morning leg was pretty routine . I only saw about one other commuter this morning and oddly enough he was westbound going in the direction that I had just come from. As I passed through Memorial Park I recognized an old acquaintance of mine crossing the street and I said hello as I passed by.

The ride home was chock full of commuters I think I saw a total of 10. I also had a verbal altercation with a redneck As I was going down the Alabama St. right around Main. The light had turned red and I carefully worked my way around a white van that had stopped just a little ahead of me. right as I passed the passenger side window the driver yelled "hey;" however, I ignored him as I had begun to pass I sensed that I was going to get some lip from him. At the next light not only did he squeeze past me uncomfortably close, but he also yelled, "get out of traffic" then gunned his engine passing me and getting down the road. It's a real annoyance on how some people become so puffed up with courage from being inside a 3000 pound cage that they feel entitled to share their stupidity with the world.

As I cleared Midtown continuing down on Alabama is where I saw all the other commuters including somebody actually using panniers! The rest of the ride was pretty much routine. I did manage to improve my average speed from 11.8 back up to 12.08 mph by the end of the ride. The afternoon weather was positively delightful and definitely made me glad that I had stuck it out in the morning to ride.


The Wolf said...

Don't get me wrong, I like that gas prices are going down. But as those prices steadily lower, so will people's patience on the road.

Ah screw em! It's our road too!

Sirrus Rider said...

Agreed; however this dude was exhibiting an entirely different level of assholia bordering on the uncalled for .

chococat78 said...

The redneck sounds like a real peach ;P But seriously, he is probably an idiot outside of the car too. I guess being in the car just gives him a quicker getaway so that he is not called on it.

HoustonGal said...

Thursday was definitely Jerk Day on the roads.

I got tailgated and beeped at on Waugh (because god forbid the left lane should be blocked by a turning vehicle and the right lane taken by a lowly cyclist - that leaves only ONE passing lane!) Later, while passing a slower cyclist on Heights, I got a honk and a "Get off the road!" from some idiot in a pickup truck. Dude, wait 5 seconds, and you can speed all you like. I promise.